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Our Service Portfolio

3 CNC tube bending machines Ø 3 to 25 mm

Our modern CNC-controlled tube bending machines help us produce complex pipes from Ø 3 to 25 mm, 1XD, with 6 different radii in one pipe with perfect repeatability, even for multi-forming.

5 tube bending machines, manual tube bending machines, 3D Faro measuring arm

Using state-of-the-art test systems such as laser scanning, we can measure tubes without contact and forward measurement results directly to the bending shop. Consequently, we can instantly create CNC bending programmes based on samples and launch series production.

9 compression machines for tube forming

Tube connections are shaped in our department for tube end forming using specialised tools for flaring, compressing and flanging.



We also offer the following production methods:


2018 new production premises in Rottenburg Bellinostraße.
2018 Esa Rohrtechnik GmbH is certified according to new IATF 16949.